Role Play Activities

Role Play Activities

Schools all around the UK are improving their OFSTED reports by introducing role play activities into their outdoor areas.

School Role-Play Area

School Role-Play Area

If you are interested in getting a school role-play area installed, please speak to a member of our team and we will be able to help.

Pretend Play Activities

Pretend Play Activities

We can offer a number of pretend play activities for children in schools, such as pretend shops, drama stages and more.

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Role Play Equipment for Children

Role play equipment for children offers an exciting way for kids to engage in imaginative and interactive activities outdoors.

One popular option is wooden playhouses which provide a cosy and creative space for children to act out various scenarios.

These playhouses not only encourage imaginative play but also promote social skills as children interact with their peers.

Wendy houses are another great choice, offering realistic features like windows and doors, enhancing the role-playing experience.

Additionally, play kitchen sets allow kids to simulate cooking and serving meals, fostering creativity and fine motor skills development.


There are a number of role play activities which the kids at your school can be a part of.

If you'd like to find out more about the different games available, please contact us now. All you need to do is fill in the contact form provided and we'll respond at the earliest opportunity.

What is Role Play Equipment for Children?

Role play equipment for children encompasses a range of products designed to stimulate creativity and enhance children's developmental skills.

These equipment items include playhouses, kitchens, workbenches, costumes, and more, all tailored to encourage imaginative play.

By engaging in role-playing scenarios, children not only develop their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination but also enhance their social and communication abilities.

Opting for role play equipment made from durable, weather-resistant materials ensures longevity and safety for outdoor or indoor use, especially considering the unpredictable UK weather.

Parents and educators can easily explore a variety of options online through dedicated websites or visit nursery departments for a hands-on shopping experience.

Types of Role Play Equipment for Playgrounds

Playground role play equipment fosters imagination, social interaction, and physical activity among children. Here are various types of role play equipment commonly found in playgrounds, each designed to stimulate different scenarios and activities:

  • Playhouses and Forts: These structures encourage imaginative play, providing a setting for a variety of role-playing scenarios, from home life to adventurous forts.
  • Pirate Ships and Castles: Ideal for adventurous play, these stimulate imaginative scenarios involving pirates, knights, and royalty, encouraging children to create stories and roles.
  • Vehicles: Replicas of cars, trains, boats, and planes allow children to pretend to travel, race, or embark on journeys, enhancing their understanding of the world through play.
  • Sand and Water Play Areas: These areas encourage sensory play and can be used for imaginative scenarios like construction sites, archaeological digs, or ocean adventures.
  • Theatres and Stages: Outdoor stages promote performance-based play, where children can act out stories, sing, or dance, developing confidence and social skills.
  • Kitchenettes and Shops: Miniature versions of real-life settings such as kitchens, cafes, and grocery stores help children mimic and understand daily life activities and social interactions.
  • Gardening Areas: Spaces with planters or gardening tools allow children to pretend to grow and sell produce, teaching them about nature and responsibility.
  • Space and Rocket Play Structures: Encourage exploration and adventure, letting children imagine interstellar travel and life as astronauts.
  • Dinosaur and Fossil Dig Sites: Themed play areas where children can pretend to be paleontologists, digging for bones and learning about prehistoric life.
  • Transportation Hubs: Featuring elements like traffic lights, gas stations, and train stations, these play areas allow children to learn about and role-play within various transportation scenarios.

Each type of equipment is designed to engage children in different aspects of learning and development, including social, cognitive, and physical growth, by providing them with the tools to imagine, explore, and create.


Some of the popular pieces of equipment which we can supply include mud kitchens, play stages, pretend shops, pirate ships and more.

When playing on these areas, youngsters can make the most of using their imaginations, as they will be able to take part in role playing.

The different scenarios will help the children grow and develop skills like language, communication and more.

Costs of Role Play Playground Equipment

The average cost of role play playground equipment is £5,700 - £7,700.

However, the costs of role play playground equipment vary depending on the complexity of the set-ups, the material quality, and the level of detail in the designs.


When considering role play playground equipment, factors such as the durability of the structures, safety features, and interactive components also play a significant role in determining the overall costs.

If you're interested in having role play activities installed at your school or nursery, we offer a variety of equipment at reasonable prices.

Why is Role Play Important for Children?

Role play is crucial for children as it fosters creativity, social skills, and cognitive development through engaging activities like playing in children's wooden playhouses or exploring interactive items.

When children engage in role play, they are able to express their imagination and creativity freely, developing storytelling skills and enhancing their ability to think outside the box.

Through interactions with peers in a children's wooden playhouse, kids learn important social cues and communication skills, fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

Cognitive growth is also a key aspect, as role play encourages children to problem-solve, make decisions, and understand consequences, all while having fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Timely delivery of such play opportunities is crucial, and using durable materials like timber ensures that these experiences are long-lasting and impactful in a child's development journey.

Our team can help show you the importance of role play in education.

One of the biggest advantages is that children learn how to communicate with each other and create their own ideas and voice their opinions.

Role-playing also brings about expressive arts forming creativity and imagination. Any equipment which promotes role-play is encouraged by OFSTED inspectors who want youngsters to make the most out of educational areas.

Our helpful team will be able to offer you details on what we think would be best for your outdoor area.

For example you might benefit from monkey bars, climbing frames and fireman poles or you may benefit from mud kitchens and role-play stages. We will find out what is best for you and offer you details on why.

What are the Benefits of Using Role Play Equipment for Children?

Using role play equipment for children offers a multitude of benefits, including fostering creativity, enhancing social skills, and promoting cognitive and physical development.

Encourages Imagination and Creativity

Role play equipment in encourages children to unleash their imagination and creativity through activities like playing in wooden playhouses or engaging in role play scenarios.

By providing a space for children to immerse themselves in imaginative worlds, these playhouses act as a canvas for their creativity to run wild.

Whether pretending to be chefs in a play kitchen or going on a make-believe adventure in a pirate ship, these experiences help children develop crucial cognitive skills like problem-solving and decision-making.

Engaging play equipment not only entertains but also nurtures emotional intelligence as children learn to empathize, collaborate, and communicate with their playmates, shaping them into well-rounded individuals.

Develops Social and Emotional Skills

Role play equipment plays a vital role in developing children's social and emotional skills by promoting teamwork, communication, and empathy in outdoor settings.

Children's wooden houses and interactive play items can provide a platform for enhancing these essential skills in a fun and engaging manner.

Through imaginative play scenarios, children learn to collaborate, express their thoughts effectively, and show empathy towards others.


These experiences lay the foundation for healthy social interactions and emotional intelligence development.

Timely delivery of outdoor role play equipment is crucial to sustain children's interest and ensure consistent opportunities for cooperative play experiences, which are invaluable for their overall growth and well-being.

Enhances Cognitive Skills

Role play equipment enhances children's cognitive skills by promoting problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity through the use of props, interactive items, and children's wooden houses.

These play scenarios provide a platform for children to delve into different roles, such as doctors, teachers, or firefighters, allowing them to ask questions, experiment, and find solutions.

By engaging in these imaginative activities, kids sharpen their analytical skills and learn to think critically.

The timely delivery of play materials and the use of durable materials like timber playhouses are crucial for maintaining a conducive learning environment that fosters cognitive development over time.

Promotes Physical Development

Role play equipment promotes children's physical development by encouraging active play, gross motor skills, and coordination through group activities in playground houses or with play props.

Children benefit greatly from engaging in role play scenarios that involve physical movement and interaction.

By incorporating playhouses, kitchens, workshops, and other thematic setups, kids can actively use their bodies to imitate real-life situations and explore their physical capabilities.

Engaging in group play not only enhances gross motor skills like running, jumping, and climbing but also boosts coordination as children navigate various roles and tasks together.

The collaborative nature of these activities not only fosters social skills but also challenges their physical abilities in a fun and engaging way.

Improves Communication and Language Skills

Role play equipment aids in improving children's communication and language skills by fostering social interaction, sharing, teamwork, and language development through engaging in imaginative and interactive games.

Engaging in role play activities offers a platform for children to enhance their communication skills by providing them with opportunities to practise both verbal and non-verbal interactions.

When kids immerse themselves in scenarios like pretending to prepare a meal together or cooperating in a make-believe rescue mission, they learn the importance of effective communication through action and dialogue.

These experiences not only boost their language acquisition but also promote skills such as active listening, turn-taking, and expressing thoughts and emotions clearly.

School Role-Play Area Near Me

Your school role-play area may also need KS2 activities in. We have a selection of equipment and designs which are specifically aimed at Key Stage 2.

Most of these are to help improve children's growth. Schools might incorporate things like literacy and numeracy into the games to improve critical skills and help them excel in classroom games. 

We can offer a variety of school role-play area activities inclyding mud kitchens, pirate ships and hobbit houses.


These are available for all schools closest to you - our local, nearby installers can install a variety of equipment at your school and in surrounding areas.

Please let our team know if you have a specific budget to keep to. We'll be able to tell you what you can buy for your money and advise you on what would be best for your individual circumstances.

Role-Play for Students

We also offer more furniture role-play for students. Our experts aim to design and create innovative areas for the youngsters to participate in pretend play.

The facilities which we may install allow children to explore a selection of games in a safe setting.

The primary school children can take part in a number of outdoor games challenging them to learn new skills and use their imaginations to create fun games to play with one another.

Creating an atmosphere which helps kids to develop creative skills is vital in primary schools to ensure children grow and develop correctly giving them a good head start in life.

There are a range of opportunities in life which children can enjoy and it is essential that your school gives the pupils these opportunities.

For more information on role-play for students, please fill in the contact form provided.

Pretend Play Activities Near Me

Taking part in pretend play activities is extremely beneficial for kids at any age, as it can improve their imagination as well as their creativity skills.

Make believe games are thoroughly encouraged by OFSTED officials and headteachers alike.

We offer a number of ideas for pretend play including pretend shops, where the children can be a shopkeeper or customer and create their own story or even role-play stages where the children can make their own play.

These types of games also help children to understand the outside world, as they can learn how to behave in public places and different job roles after school.

The main aim of these games is to help children get ready for future schooling and everyday life after they finish school. By participating in pretend play activities, children are learning about different lifestyles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Role Play Equipment Benefit a Child's Development?

Role play equipment can benefit a child's development in many ways.

It can help enhance their creativity, social and emotional skills, problem-solving abilities, language and communication skills, and fine motor skills.

Are there any Safety Considerations to Keep inMmind when Using Role Play Equipment for Children?

There are some safety considerations to keep in mind when using role play equipment for children.

It is important to make sure that the equipment is age-appropriate, free from small parts or sharp edges, and regularly cleaned and maintained.

Adult supervision is also recommended during play.

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Make sure you let our professionals know if there is any role play equipment you are interested in buying.

There are plenty of products to choose from to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Most of our products are made from timber, meaning they are long lasting, durable and perfect for outdoors.

To find out additional information on the furniture which we supply, please fill out the enquiry form and we'll reply as soon as we can.

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