Educational Playground Equipment in Ardmolich

Educational Playground Equipment in Ardmolich

We have a wide range of educational playground equipment which we can offer to improve OFSTED reports.

Outdoor Play Equipment for Schools in Ardmolich

Outdoor Play Equipment for Schools in Ardmolich

If you are looking to have outdoor play equipment for schools installed, we have multiple products for you to choose between all at fantastic prices.

Learn Through Play in Ardmolich

Learn Through Play in Ardmolich

If you are looking for the best ways to teach children numeracy and other skills, you may want to think about play markings. These can help children learn through play at an affordable cost.

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Educational Playground Equipment in Ardmolich

We supply a wide range of educational playground equipment in Ardmolich PH38 4 perfect for schools and nurseries that want to help the children grow and develop whilst they play. All of our equipment is available at reasonable prices and all are of exceptional quality making sure the facilities are sae and fun for the children to play on. Since there is so much to choose from, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the more popular products include maths thermoplastics, phonics and more. These can help with emotional and communication development along with key skills within the national curriculum. 

With such a wide selection of different educational playground equipment, you may be spoilt for choice. We can offer our expert advice to ensure you get the best products for you specifically. If you are interested to find out more, please fill in the contact box provided. We can then answer any questions you might have and provide details on costs and specifications.

Outdoor Playground Equipment for Schools

We can provide a wide selection of outdoor playground equipment for schools local to you in Ardmolich PH38 4 and surrounding areas. A popular, cost effective choice would be outdoor floor graphics. These are available in a number of colours and designs. You could choose from letters and numbers, maps, planets, circuits, roadways and more. Each of our outdoor playground markings are designed to teach children new skills and get them interacting with others and building friendships.

Trim trails are one of the most popular products which we supply and install in primary schools. Activity trails do not take up much space, but provide children with a number of activities helping them to develop mental and physical skills. W would highly recommend having a number of different features installed in your school play-area to ensure the children have the opportunity to build new skills. Our experts can look into your individual budget and help you decide what apparatus would be best for your playing space.

Our main aim is to get children ready for future life by developing skills through play. We design the perfect playground for you which are in line with OFSTED guidelines helping to improve your school report. Educational playing is vital for youngsters to help through growth and development.

Academic Play Near Me

We can offer a variety of products for academic play. These educational activities include things like numeracy and literacy graphics, role-play areas and sensory gardens. With a wide range of educational playground equipment and products to choose from you'll be sure to find the academic products that are right for you. If you would like help or advice with how you can turn your school's outdoor space into an academic play-area, please speak to one of our experts. We offer you details on the different features we offer and tell you about the prices of these.

What is Play Based Curriculum?

Play based curriculum is the process of children playing to learn vital skills and things that are currently in the national curriculum. Youngsters will often take part in sports and athletics games to meet PE requirements within the curriculum, but it doesn't stop there. Phonics games, sensory activities and a whole host of other features can also be incorporated into children's playgrounds to encourage play-based curriculum.

Learn Through Play

It is vital to set up facilities in Ardmolich PH38 4 which help youngsters to learn through play. Whilst they are playing kids will generally take in a lot more than they would just sitting in a classroom, this is beause their environment is different and they are more aware of what is going on. Learn through play helps children learn about the world around them and develop social and cognitive skills. This type of learning can also help children to gain self-confidence and mature emotionally.

By taking part in new experiences and environments the youngsters can learn much more and can communicate with others and express their thoughts and opinions. This is vital in future life, which is why it's important to learn these skills at a young age. To find out more about why learning through play is so important in the early years foundation stage and throughout KS1-4, please contact our specialist team who can explain in more detail and provide you with details on the educational equipment we have to offer for this type of educational learning.

Whole Class Phonics Games

It is vital for kids to learn language and communication skills at a young age, as they'll be using these skills throughout their daily life. We provide a number of games which relate to literacy and help develop these essential skills. Our team offer whole class phonics games which focus on helping kids to learn how to read and write through sounds. The kids will identify sounds in different words which can then help them improve their language and communication skills. Outdoor phonics is a great way to create a more interactive atmosphere, as it's different than just sitting in the classroom; this then makes learning much more effective. 

Floor markings can also be installed to create different sounds. For example we install 'ee', 'ch', 'sh', 'oo' and a range of other letters and words for the kids to learn. We also provide small educational equipment with phonics written on them - these include items within sand pits and water tables. Chalk boards and other activity panels are available with phonics games that the children can play nearby or with their closest friends. With such a wide choice of activities, the kids will be eager to learn.

If you're interested in more information on the educational whole class phonics games, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our professional team. We will be happy to dicuss prices and designs available at your school or nursery.

Exploratory Play Activities in Ardmolich

Another popular type of games used in schools and nurseries in Ardmolich PH38 4 is exploratory play activities. Exploratory play helps youngsters learn about new objects, fitting in with academic requirements. Examples of exploratory playground equipment include building blocks, sand pits, water tables, tunnel and channelling sets and mud kitchens. These all encourage children to discover new materials and textures and will teach them how these materials feel and move differently. 

It is a good idea to encourage kids to explore and discover new things as well as develop their understanding of the world outside of school. Children will also enjoy the academic side of these games. These are educational because children will learn about natural processes; this includes things like water flow, plant growth in soil and much more. With so much to learn it can be difficult for children to sit in a classroom and listen all day, which is why we have created fun and educational exploratory play activities for youngsters to take part in.

OFSTED require a lot of these products within schools to help youngsters learn in a different way and to improve their development. If you'd like to know how you can improve your school and get a better OFSTED report through exploratory playground equipment, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Numeracy and Literacy Games Near Me

As well as phonics and other literacy surrounding games, it is also a good idea to install numeracy related activities. Children's games which focus on numeracy are great, because it helps them with maths. In order to create number games, we can install hopcotch markings, interactive game boards and role-play shops. All of these help children learn numbers and counting skills. The range of educational numeracy and literacy games we have available is perfect for primary schools and nurseries. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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